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December Newsletter

Welcome…………….. We would like to welcome Molly to the Dolphin family this month, we cannot wait to begin creating memories with you. We are also extremely proud to announce that we have received a staggering 7 registration forms of children not even born yet, still comfy in the womb. With a possible lockdown baby boom […]

November Newsletter

Welcome…………….. We would love to welcome Freddie, Rudy, and Bailey into our Dolphin family, we are super excited to have you join us and look forward to creating lots of fun and memories with you all. Reminder….. Just a quick reminder that if you have changed address or mobile number recently please update the office. […]

October Newsletter

A big welcome…………….. We would like to welcome the following children into the Dolphin family, Grace, River, Aredhel, and Estee. We hope you enjoy your time with us and we look forward to starting to create memories with you and your families. All things spooky….. With things being a little different this year we are […]

September Newsletter

New beginnings… So, when a new term brings, we welcome new children and their families, we would like to start by welcoming Ebony, Ono, Effie-Devon, Oscar, Ashton, Finley, Florence, Arthur, Henry, Esmae, Harry, Mimi, Billy, Cali, Fletcher, Thea, Blu and Mila-Rae Winston and all their families under our wing, we can’t wait to begin creating […]

August Newsletter

Class of 2020…………………. Friday 28th August is the last day for our class of 2020 children before they set off to the new part of their learning adventure. We are going to miss you all, most of you have been with us since our baby room. This year we can’t celebrate in our normal style […]

July Newsletter

Firstly, we must begin with a huge THANK YOU to you all for your patience and understanding during these turbulent times. Your messages and support have meant so much to us as a team and just re-enforced to us that remaining open was the right thing to do. As we write this we are extending […]

Surviving COVID-19 – A 13-week Rollercoaster ride

Even before lock down was official, our first endeavor was to be as honest and upfront with our parents, even though we knew it was a fast moving and ever-changing situation. We listened to their concerns, we sent regular email updates and used our social media platforms to the maximum. Parent confidence was the key, […]