We would like to welcome the following children into the Dolphin family, Logan, Kit, Teddy, Finley, Freddie, Edward, Benji, Hailey, Alfie, Rachel, and Max. WOW!! We are so glad you choose us and can join us in this crazy time, we are proud to welcome you to the family.

As well as the children we also welcome Lily to the team, Lily is based in Busy Bee’s and has settled in perfectly, she’s an asset to the team already and we are super glad she joined us when she did.

Next an apology……..

First of all, a huge Happy New Year to each and every one of you, while 2020 is a thing of distant memory we must start this year with an apology, January is normally a pretty crazy month as we all settle back into routine after Christmas, however with a pandemic thrown into the mix too and another lockdown thrown our way, we completely missed the January newsletter.

So, we are back and with a little glimmer of hope at the end of this tunnel, things are beginning to look more positive.

Can we hear a hip hip hooray!!!


As you may know we love a bit of fundraising here at Dolphin, especially for charities close to our hearts. Last year we began fundraising for a defibrillator to go in our porch area and as you can imagine our plans got put on hold. Well with some sort of normality returning we would like to start this off again, we know times are tough financially at the moment, which is why it will be little and often, and we would love for you all to get involved.

First up each room will be given a tube of smarties, attached will be some age-related games to play with your children at home, then all we want you to do is simply fill the tube back up with coins and return it to Nursery.

Together as a team in 2019 we raised £1789,19 which we are still super proud of, look over the page to see who we helped.

You asked, we listened……

Almost a year ago now, (Wow that’s a scary thought) we created a locked Facebook group for our parents and posted some bits to keep us all entertained, well we were unsure what to do with it this time around, but it seems you have missed it and all wanted it back, so that’s exactly what we have done.

This is a place for our team and you our wonderful families to share ideas and things that you have been up to in these unusual times, so please get involved

We also thought it would be a nice idea to set up a page for our school leavers every year to share your school choices, feedback from school tours, questions, or general tips for school uniform etc, this is also a closed group and we will be keeping a close eye on it, but it is a nice opportunity to share this with the people who are joining you in this exciting journey. We will keep all of our fingers crossed for April for you.

Community Testing……

As you may have heard a community testing sight has opened nearby. We are very excited by this news and can see it as nothing but positive news in this pandemic. So, with this in mind we have began testing our team to ensure that the safety of everyone remains paramount at all times.

With very few children choosing to remain at home during this lockdown we are sure this will again help reassure everyone that we are doing our very best to ensure we are COVID free for as long as we can.

We cannot thank you all enough for your kind words, support and understanding during this time. It is new to us all and we are learning daily with things everchanging but knowing that you’re behind our every step is certainly helping us through. We remain positive that things will begin to return to normal within the coming months but can we remind you to still remain vigilant adhering to the rules at all times to help this.

A New year brings…....

Not one baby but two!!!

We are delighted to announce that on January 3rd Elsa and Jordan welcomed little baby Ovie to the world, he weighed in at 7lb13oz and is absolutely gorgeous and then we only had to wait 11 days later, and Katie and Jack welcomed the gorgeous Indie into the world, she weighed in at 8lb7oz and both babies are now home and settling in beautifully. We of course have been inundated with pictures but for obvious reasons are yet to meet them yet, we are hoping it is not much longer. We are sure you will join us in saying a massive Congratulations to them both. Our Dolphin family gets bigger again.

Birthdays and special dates…

Jago turned 4
Annabelle turned 4
Edward turned 4
Joel turned 4
Ella turns 3
Monty turns 2
Zachary turns 4
Alfred turns 3
Cali turns 1
Lily turns 4
Alice turns 4
Logan turns 1
Theo turns 3
Layla turns 2

We would love to say a very big happy birthday to our lovely Lisa who also celebrates her birthday this month.
We hope you all have a lovely Day.


We would like to welcome Molly to the Dolphin family this month, we cannot wait to begin creating memories with you. We are also extremely proud to announce that we have received a staggering 7 registration forms of children not even born yet, still comfy in the womb. With a possible lockdown baby boom on the cards, people are booking now to avoid disappointment. Don’t forget our refer a friend scheme..

New kitchen….

We are extremely excited to announce that we are upgrading our kitchen here at Dolphin. Louise has had a shiny new kitchen on her Christmas list for a few years now, so is smiling from ear to ear. She has kindly offered to cook from home to avoid any upheaval for the children and to continue to provide our well loved fresh meals, we will collect the food in a thermo box to ensure its still piping hot when it arrives. If you would like to provide packed lunch this week then let us know and we can take lunches off your invoice.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

That time of year is upon us, whether you love it or hate it, it’s here for all to embrace and let’s be honest after a pretty rubbish year we are glad to see the back of it. Things are obviously going to be a bit different this year, so no Christmas parties, meeting Santa or of course our beloved Nativity but rest assured each bubble will be partaking in their own festive fun and we will make up for it in other ways.
Keep an eye on our Facebook page for a fun and festive countdown which we are sure the kids will love. We sure had fun making it.
We hope to welcome you all back with the news that Elsa’s baby has made an appearance, we wish her all the best as she finishes this week for a well deserved break before he arrives.
We also have Christmas Jumper day on Friday December 11th so let’s get festive.

Please remember we close @ 2pm on Christmas Eve and reopen at 7.30am on January 4th 2021

Team announcements

We would love to welcome you all to Charlotte. Charlotte will be taking over from Elsa in our Little Dino’s room, and welcoming our newest members to the family.

Talking of our newest members of the family, with two team babies expected within the next few weeks.
We are delighted to announce that Erika is expecting her second gorgeous baby next year, such lovely news for her and her family.

It always becomes a joke with us that there is always 3 people expecting at the same time, so she has completed the threesome this time around, for now anyway.

Birthdays and special dates…

Polly (2) – 3rd
Ben (3) – 7th
Grace (1) 7th
Aria (4) 15th
Oliver (2) 16th
Neve (4) 20th
Ella (4) 23rd
Isabella (3) 24th
Arthur (4) 25th
Molly (1) 28th
Oscar (2) 28th
We would love to say a very big happy birthday to our lovely Sian who also celebrates her birthday this month.

We hope you all have a lovely Day.


We would love to welcome Freddie, Rudy, and Bailey into our Dolphin family, we are super excited to have you join us and look forward to creating lots of fun and memories with you all.


Just a quick reminder that if you have changed address or mobile number recently please update the office.

Second Lockdown

Thank you very much for all your replies so far, we are currently working through them all to come up with our next step so please bear with us. We appreciate your patience
We will be in contact again short

Children in need

We will be getting comfy and having a giant PJ party.
We will have donation pots in each room for any donations welcome.
We will be opening this all week so that all children can take part
W/C 9th November 2020

The main front door

We have reviewed our risk assessment and with cases on the rise in Exmouth, we have changed our pick up and drop off for the baby rooms. with immediate effect, Mel and Kyah will no longer be taking the babies from you at the door, we promise they’re not being rude, they will ring the rooms so the team in your child’s bubble can accept them in. This again will reduce contact and minimise the number of people potentially having to isolate if a case arises. Although this may take a few more minutes, than normal we are sure you will agree is vitally important.

Staff changes

We are delighted to welcome Helen full time to our Pre-school team, she has got off to a flying start and the children have taken to her instantly. We have also made a few changes to the teams in the different rooms. As always this allows the team to work with different age ranges and build on their experiences and knowledge. We have added an updated who is who to put faces to names.

We are also sad to confirm that Katherine is flying the Dolphin nest, she has been a massive part of the Dolphin family for nearly 8 years. Whilst we are sad to see her leave, we wish her well in her new childcare setting and they are very lucky to have her.

Birthdays and special dates…

Elodie (3) 5th
Ivie (1) 5th
Mila-Rae (3) 8th
Oliver (4) 12th
Harley (2) 19th
Tristan (1) 19th
Adaline (2) 21st
Adellyn (2) 24th
Fletcher (3) 24th
Oscar (4) 26th
Remembrance Day – Sunday 8th November

And we would like to wish our very own Aimie a very happy birthday for this month.

Can we just remind you to keep all toys at home during this pandemic, we are seeing more and more returning, we ask for comforters only, we appreciate your understanding on this matter

A big welcome……………..

We would like to welcome the following children into the Dolphin family, Grace, River, Aredhel, and Estee. We hope you enjoy your time with us and we look forward to starting to create memories with you and your families.

All things spooky…..

With things being a little different this year we are determined to make certain events as fun as possible, so we will still be celebrating Halloween in true Dolphin style. For the week leading up to Halloween we are welcoming in children in fancy dress, all the rooms have lots of fun activities planned and they will be carving a pumpkin or two. We will be sending pumpkin pictures home for you to enjoy with your children and decorate your windows as this year Exmouth are taking part in a ‘Pumpkin Hunt’ a safer alternative to tick or treating. We would love to see your windows when there complete so don’t forget to add them to your ‘All about me books’ or on our Facebook post.

Concept Photography

You should have received an email on Saturday regarding Concept photography coming out to see us this coming Thursday, we have had lots of responses already but if you haven’t let us know please do, so we can plan our day safely, we will be letting you know over the coming days your time slot.

A day at nursery….

We often get asked what should you bring to Nursery/Pre- school?
– Creativity
– Curiosity
– Smiles

As well as

– Pants (if toilet training)
– Comforters
– Spare outfits x2
– Welly boots
– A raincoat
– A all-in-one waterproof (optional)

Birthdays and special dates…

Jensen (2) 8th
Hannah (2) 10th
Abel (3) 11th

Matthew (2) 11th
Tate (2) 11th
Jessie (2) 12th

Arabella (2) 19th
Arthur (2) 19th
Finley (1) 21st
Henry (2) 21st
Cody (2) 22nd
Bryn & Leon (2) 24th

Arlo (4) 25th
Ariella (4) 28th

Sophie (2) 29th
Hope you all have a lovely day.

New beginnings…

So, when a new term brings, we welcome new children and their families, we would like to start by welcoming Ebony, Ono, Effie-Devon, Oscar, Ashton, Finley, Florence, Arthur, Henry, Esmae, Harry, Mimi, Billy, Cali, Fletcher, Thea, Blu and Mila-Rae Winston and all their families under our wing, we can’t wait to begin creating memories with you all and watching you grow, learn and develop.

Our new normal….

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you again for your support over the summer period, it was a summer like no other, and one we wish to not repeat if possible. So with this in mind and with the guidelines now looking like they are going to be around for some time yet, can we remind you to remain socially distancing and adhere to the new law in place which remains currently…….

As previously stated we have been sheltered from it a lot down this end of the country but one case could have a huge knock on effect for our nursery and we would like to protect it from happening if possible. Everything we have put in place seems to be working really well so again we thank you for your continued support throughout this tricky time.

Exciting news…

We would like to share some positive news and something we hope will make you smile…..

We have booked Concept photography company (subject to the above) to come along and snap your gorgeous little ones. For those of you that have been with us a while will know that Concept photography are brilliant at what they do, (check out their website) and we are sure you will not be disappointed. Keep an eye out for next month’s newsletter for more information. Time slots will be allocated, and strict guidelines will be in place.

COVID-19 Tests…

Getting a test: We have been sending any children with covid symptoms to get a test, we understand this can be frustrating as it can present as a normal childhood cold, but we would rather be assured that we are running the healthiest nursery and keeping you all as safe as we possibly can so please bare with us.
We are aware there have been some issues when booking a test but we recommend parents or carers of children attending school should try and book a test as normal via the government website. However, if you are unable to book a local slot then you can email ccg.devon.urgenttesting@nhs.net making clear the test is for a child attending a setting and you will be supported to access local testing. We hope this helps.

Please remember we keep uniform in stock here at Dolphin and sizes start from 1-2 years. Ask the office for more information.

Just a quick reminder to keep your details up to date in the office, whether this is your address or phone number, please make sure we have the correct information in case of emergencies.

Our learning themes

We have started the term with ‘All about me’ this allows us to get to know all the new starters and their friends, we will be moving onto people who help us, which is always a firm favourite.

Lockdown has been an exciting time for some of our team with Elsa and Katie both expecting babies. It has been some very welcoming news from them after all the uncertainty and we could not be happier for them and their families. Congratulations to you both.

Birthdays and special dates…

Eliza (3) 2nd Arlo (3) 4th Sofia (3) 5th River (1) 9th Jaxon (3) 12th Oliver (4) 13th Josie (3) 16th Lottie (3) 16th Emily (2) 17th Olivia (2) 18th Oliver (1) 26th

Team Updates…

With all the changes that 2020 has seen, this has also made us see a few changes between our staff. We thought it would be a lovely idea to do a who’s who and put a face to the names of the lovely team who look after your little ones.

Download Newsletter in PDF format >

Class of 2020………………….

Friday 28th August is the last day for our class of 2020 children before they set off to the new part of their learning adventure.

We are going to miss you all, most of you have been with us since our baby room.

This year we can’t celebrate in our normal style due to Covid-19 but week commencing 24th August we are going to have party week!!! We will do lots of fun things for them to make up for this.

We also have a little gift for each of them to remember us by. We will miss you all, but we want to wish you all the best luck in the world, go smash it Dolphin Class of 2020!!!!!

Refer a Friend and get a £25 Boots Voucher!

Don’t forget our refer a friend (who signs up and starts) offer you get a £25 Boots voucher. Nothing beats a word of mouth recommendation !!!

Happy Birthday to us at Dolphin, we are 9 years old on 1st of August 2020.

Team Welcome…

We would like to welcome Fran to our team. Fran was meant to start before lock down but with everything happening, we put it off till now but we are pleased to welcome her to the Dolphin family. Fran is going to be based upstairs in our little Explorers room.

Bank Holiday reminder:

Please remember we are closed Monday 31st August for Bank Holiday.

Thank you.

We would like to say a big thank you to all our parents that paid for their fees for the month of April. In this months invoices you should all have received the last amount back. It was very much appreciated and got us out of a hole cash flow wise for that month, while we worked out what we would be getting from the government. Without your continued support through this time it could have been a very different story. So thank you from us all here at the Dolphin.

Extended 3 and 4-year-old Funding reminder.

Please can we ask that parents keep on top of reapplying for their funding and don’t fall out of eligibility.

You will receive an email once every 3 months to go back into your account and confirm your details. Failure to do this means you will fall out of eligibility and will have to pay our hourly rate for any hours over the normal 11 hour a week.

Kyah returning from maternity leave………….

Throughout August Kyah will be doing some keep in touch days before her return to work in September. Kyah is based in the office with Mel so you may see her answering the door, the phone or greeting some of our Little Dino’s when they arrive. We are looking forward to having you back.


We would like to welcome aboard to our Dolphin family in the month of August. Polly, Ivie, Olivia and Arabella we can’t wait for you to start your journey with us.


As the government are slowing the reopening of things it is a good reminder that we still need to be social distancing 2m where possible. Please remember this when collecting from Dolphin.

Our learning themes this month are:

Stories and Adventure.

Birthdays & Special Dates

Theo (2) 4th
Ono (1) 5th
Jessica (3) 9th
Lily (3) 10th
Lola (2) 16th
Mabel (4) 16th
Theo (3) 21st
Alfred (4) 24th
Reggie (4) 25th
Matilda (4) 27th
Arthur (1) 28th
Kitt (3) 31st
Matilda (3) 31st
Some of our lovely Team also have Birthdays this month: Tash, Charlie, Katie and the man behind the scenes Paul.

Download Newsletter in PDF format >

Firstly, we must begin with a huge THANK YOU to you all for your patience and understanding during these turbulent times. Your messages and support have meant so much to us as a team and just re-enforced to us that remaining open was the right thing to do. As we write this we are extending our ‘bubbles’ to welcome back even more children but the safety of the children and the team is still our priority. Secondly we would like to thank our Dolphin Family children that have been with us over the Lockdown for keeping a sense of normality for us. We couldn’t have done it without them!

Our learning themes this month are:

Week 1 / 2-Our Bodies and Nutrition Week 3 / 4-Gross and Fine Motor Skills


We would like to welcome aboard to our Dolphin family in the month of July. Hannah, Bodhi, Rafe and Rosie we can’t wait for you to start your journey with us.

Car Park-

Please can I remind people whilst we are operating the way we are if you could please park around by the church and walk the children into Dolphin. We have more children returning from the 6th
July and when we have children walking in and cars driving in it can be a bit dangerous.

Baby Room parents please do drive in to save carrying them all the way in.

Birthdays & Special Dates

Joshua (4) 1st
Evie (3) 4th
Mimi (1) 5th
Ivy (3) 9th
Bodri (3) 15th
Billy (1) 18th
Toby (2) 22ND
Raie (2) 24th
Albie (2) 25th
Some of our lovely Team also have Birthdays this month: Jenny, Elsa, Katie, Amy and Mel
1st August- Anniversary (9) (9years)

And finally……

We prepare ourselves to say goodbye to our Class of 2020 and their lovely families. We wish them well at their new schools and are so proud of the wonderful individuals they have blossomed into. Their last week with us will be the week starting 24th August for all year round children.

Download Newsletter in PDF format >

Even before lock down was official, our first endeavor was to be as honest and upfront with our parents, even though we knew it was a fast moving and ever-changing situation. We listened to their concerns, we sent regular email updates and used our social media platforms to the maximum. Parent confidence was the key, we were all paddling like mad under the water but with a brave smile on out faces.

And then as lockdown was announced we were determined to remain open to support our families, our children and our teams.

From the start it was apparent that we would need to begin planning for the ‘new normal’, it wasn’t so much about what we couldn’t do any longer but how we would continue to provide the warm caring environment which we had always prided ourselves upon.

To control costs and reduce the number of team required we took the decision to bring Dolphin and Sunshine under one roof, we had a minimal amount of children but we couldn’t let our parents down.

We began by bringing the teams together, the Avengers as they became known, to gather their ideas and plan our way forward

Everyone pulled together; the team are the experts at ensuring the space was utilized, activities were considered and everyone knew who was responsible for the care of the children, carrying out more regular cleaning, and being clear on our policy and risk assessment.

Even with a tight control on costs, we were losing money but we used the time carefully, practices were updated, planning, development processes reviewed and updated. Walls were painted, maintenance jobs completed, new toilets installed. At one point if it didn’t move it was painted!

We set up a Private Parent Group on Facebook for those families that were self-isolating or found themselves furloughed, as well as for those families that were critical keyworkers and having to be at the frontline knowing that we were caring for their child. We used it for our updates too, how the setting was running to help parents, what improvements we’d made and how we were taking on Coronavirus. This became a huge success, whether it be parents and children being able to keep in touch with one another, posting photos, videos and ideas or just supporting one another.

The team whilst on furlough have used the time to refresh their knowledge with online training and the odd video messages or reading stories.

By this stage we were already offering a ‘bubble’ (as they are now known) within the our inside and outdoor spaces. And like other settings our research showed the risk was lower outside, the weather was a massive help of course. As well as trying out new and fun activities we were able to turn their outside space into their own ‘café quarters’ for snack and lunchtimes.

When ‘bubbles’ became an actual thing, our experience from remaining open during the crisis enabled us to have confidence in what we were doing and enable us to explain to parents so they understood our new routine, parent agreements were signed and returned before their child started back with us.

We were able to ensure that although impossible to ‘social distance’ with younger children we wanted to minimise the risk of infection. We had already implemented frequent handwashing (our children are now proficient in counting to 20 and singing various rhymes and songs: tick that off the EYFS Development Matters!) and our cleaning rotas. Siblings are kept together in their ‘bubbles’ and the children within those ‘bubbles’ had their own entrance with hand sanitizing station, staggered drop off and pick up times and their teams stayed constant, this kept everything as ‘normal’ as possible.

The feedback we’ve received from our families and their continued support has been overwhelming. The smiles on their child’s faces as they are handed over at the end of the day is testament that we are getting it right. Every day we have more and more children wanting to come back and although currently we are prioritising those returning we are able to offer new ‘bubbles’.

June 1st saw Sunshine return to their Sunny Place at Gorfin Hall and start a new bubble.

As we move towards July we are adapting again, 3 bubbles will become 5 as we welcome back 75-80% of our families, parents have confidence in what we are doing which is helping them get back to some form of normal.

Looking back, reflecting as all Early Years settings are so good at, it been a proper roller coaster but overall would we change anything we did??? No, we are extremely proud of our amazing team and the role they played during the COVID-19 lockdown and we feel the world has changed, some of these changes are certainly for the better.

Teams and Zoom are now everyday words within both settings, from linking outside agencies to keep in touch with our most vulnerable children and families, or regular debriefs with supervisors and teams with the odd virtual quiz night thrown in. This wouldn’t have happened without lockdown, environmentally this as to be a good thing.

Our Dolphin Room Supervisors and Sunshine Manager Andrea have worked everyday throughout the crisis, the furlough team have been amazing with support and coming back to work as there was a requirement. Parents have shown amazing patience, often when we didn’t quite have the answers ourselves and FINALLY, the children. They have all been absolute stars throughout and we would go as far as to say they actually helped us survive it, parents thanked us for keeping it normal for the children, it was actually the other way around.

Download Newsletter in PDF format >