We would like to welcome the following children into the Dolphin family, Logan, Kit, Teddy, Finley, Freddie, Edward, Benji, Hailey, Alfie, Rachel, and Max. WOW!! We are so glad you choose us and can join us in this crazy time, we are proud to welcome you to the family.

As well as the children we also welcome Lily to the team, Lily is based in Busy Bee’s and has settled in perfectly, she’s an asset to the team already and we are super glad she joined us when she did.

Next an apology……..

First of all, a huge Happy New Year to each and every one of you, while 2020 is a thing of distant memory we must start this year with an apology, January is normally a pretty crazy month as we all settle back into routine after Christmas, however with a pandemic thrown into the mix too and another lockdown thrown our way, we completely missed the January newsletter.

So, we are back and with a little glimmer of hope at the end of this tunnel, things are beginning to look more positive.

Can we hear a hip hip hooray!!!


As you may know we love a bit of fundraising here at Dolphin, especially for charities close to our hearts. Last year we began fundraising for a defibrillator to go in our porch area and as you can imagine our plans got put on hold. Well with some sort of normality returning we would like to start this off again, we know times are tough financially at the moment, which is why it will be little and often, and we would love for you all to get involved.

First up each room will be given a tube of smarties, attached will be some age-related games to play with your children at home, then all we want you to do is simply fill the tube back up with coins and return it to Nursery.

Together as a team in 2019 we raised £1789,19 which we are still super proud of, look over the page to see who we helped.

You asked, we listened……

Almost a year ago now, (Wow that’s a scary thought) we created a locked Facebook group for our parents and posted some bits to keep us all entertained, well we were unsure what to do with it this time around, but it seems you have missed it and all wanted it back, so that’s exactly what we have done.

This is a place for our team and you our wonderful families to share ideas and things that you have been up to in these unusual times, so please get involved

We also thought it would be a nice idea to set up a page for our school leavers every year to share your school choices, feedback from school tours, questions, or general tips for school uniform etc, this is also a closed group and we will be keeping a close eye on it, but it is a nice opportunity to share this with the people who are joining you in this exciting journey. We will keep all of our fingers crossed for April for you.

Community Testing……

As you may have heard a community testing sight has opened nearby. We are very excited by this news and can see it as nothing but positive news in this pandemic. So, with this in mind we have began testing our team to ensure that the safety of everyone remains paramount at all times.

With very few children choosing to remain at home during this lockdown we are sure this will again help reassure everyone that we are doing our very best to ensure we are COVID free for as long as we can.

We cannot thank you all enough for your kind words, support and understanding during this time. It is new to us all and we are learning daily with things everchanging but knowing that you’re behind our every step is certainly helping us through. We remain positive that things will begin to return to normal within the coming months but can we remind you to still remain vigilant adhering to the rules at all times to help this.

A New year brings…....

Not one baby but two!!!

We are delighted to announce that on January 3rd Elsa and Jordan welcomed little baby Ovie to the world, he weighed in at 7lb13oz and is absolutely gorgeous and then we only had to wait 11 days later, and Katie and Jack welcomed the gorgeous Indie into the world, she weighed in at 8lb7oz and both babies are now home and settling in beautifully. We of course have been inundated with pictures but for obvious reasons are yet to meet them yet, we are hoping it is not much longer. We are sure you will join us in saying a massive Congratulations to them both. Our Dolphin family gets bigger again.

Birthdays and special dates…

Jago turned 4
Annabelle turned 4
Edward turned 4
Joel turned 4
Ella turns 3
Monty turns 2
Zachary turns 4
Alfred turns 3
Cali turns 1
Lily turns 4
Alice turns 4
Logan turns 1
Theo turns 3
Layla turns 2

We would love to say a very big happy birthday to our lovely Lisa who also celebrates her birthday this month.
We hope you all have a lovely Day.