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Fees & Opening Times

Our nursery opening times are 7.30 – 5.30, Monday to Friday. Sessions are flexible and charged per hour.

We can provide a hot cooked lunch for a small charge or parents can provide a healthy packed lunch

We provide all children mid-morning and afternoon plus drinks on demand.

The nursery is open all year around and we only for statutory bank holidays and in between between Christmas and New Year. No charge is made if the nursery itself is closed.

We accept ‘Early Years Education Funded’ for 3-4 yr olds (universal 570 per year and extended 1140 per year) PLUS 2 year funding for eligible 2 year olds. All funding methods is offered on the stretched model which equals to 11 or 22 hours per week 51 weeks per year.

We accept the governments tax free childcare (TFC) and more information can be found at

To support the child’s sense of ownership in their nursery we have a range of uniform and other articles with our lovely bright embroidered logos of the Little Fishes Logo. Please ask for a full list of colours, sizes and prices.

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