Firstly, we must begin with a huge THANK YOU to you all for your patience and understanding during these turbulent times. Your messages and support have meant so much to us as a team and just re-enforced to us that remaining open was the right thing to do. As we write this we are extending our ‘bubbles’ to welcome back even more children but the safety of the children and the team is still our priority. Secondly we would like to thank our Dolphin Family children that have been with us over the Lockdown for keeping a sense of normality for us. We couldn’t have done it without them!

Our learning themes this month are:

Week 1 / 2-Our Bodies and Nutrition Week 3 / 4-Gross and Fine Motor Skills


We would like to welcome aboard to our Dolphin family in the month of July. Hannah, Bodhi, Rafe and Rosie we can’t wait for you to start your journey with us.

Car Park-

Please can I remind people whilst we are operating the way we are if you could please park around by the church and walk the children into Dolphin. We have more children returning from the 6th
July and when we have children walking in and cars driving in it can be a bit dangerous.

Baby Room parents please do drive in to save carrying them all the way in.

Birthdays & Special Dates

Joshua (4) 1st
Evie (3) 4th
Mimi (1) 5th
Ivy (3) 9th
Bodri (3) 15th
Billy (1) 18th
Toby (2) 22ND
Raie (2) 24th
Albie (2) 25th
Some of our lovely Team also have Birthdays this month: Jenny, Elsa, Katie, Amy and Mel
1st August- Anniversary (9) (9years)

And finally……

We prepare ourselves to say goodbye to our Class of 2020 and their lovely families. We wish them well at their new schools and are so proud of the wonderful individuals they have blossomed into. Their last week with us will be the week starting 24th August for all year round children.

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