We would love to welcome Freddie, Rudy, and Bailey into our Dolphin family, we are super excited to have you join us and look forward to creating lots of fun and memories with you all.


Just a quick reminder that if you have changed address or mobile number recently please update the office.

Second Lockdown

Thank you very much for all your replies so far, we are currently working through them all to come up with our next step so please bear with us. We appreciate your patience
We will be in contact again short

Children in need

We will be getting comfy and having a giant PJ party.
We will have donation pots in each room for any donations welcome.
We will be opening this all week so that all children can take part
W/C 9th November 2020

The main front door

We have reviewed our risk assessment and with cases on the rise in Exmouth, we have changed our pick up and drop off for the baby rooms. with immediate effect, Mel and Kyah will no longer be taking the babies from you at the door, we promise they’re not being rude, they will ring the rooms so the team in your child’s bubble can accept them in. This again will reduce contact and minimise the number of people potentially having to isolate if a case arises. Although this may take a few more minutes, than normal we are sure you will agree is vitally important.

Staff changes

We are delighted to welcome Helen full time to our Pre-school team, she has got off to a flying start and the children have taken to her instantly. We have also made a few changes to the teams in the different rooms. As always this allows the team to work with different age ranges and build on their experiences and knowledge. We have added an updated who is who to put faces to names.

We are also sad to confirm that Katherine is flying the Dolphin nest, she has been a massive part of the Dolphin family for nearly 8 years. Whilst we are sad to see her leave, we wish her well in her new childcare setting and they are very lucky to have her.

Birthdays and special dates…

Elodie (3) 5th
Ivie (1) 5th
Mila-Rae (3) 8th
Oliver (4) 12th
Harley (2) 19th
Tristan (1) 19th
Adaline (2) 21st
Adellyn (2) 24th
Fletcher (3) 24th
Oscar (4) 26th
Remembrance Day – Sunday 8th November

And we would like to wish our very own Aimie a very happy birthday for this month.

Can we just remind you to keep all toys at home during this pandemic, we are seeing more and more returning, we ask for comforters only, we appreciate your understanding on this matter